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 Freephone: 0345 459 3109


This is laser tag or lazer tag and can best be described as Paintball without the bruises, the Laser tag equipment we use at these sites is Action Tag by Action Tag Ltd which is a state of the art wireless Laser Tag system as used by the military in training scenarios.

These have a greater range and accuracy than paintball allowing for more realistic scenarios and with a computer print out of who you have "killed" at the end of the day, this eliminates the I have killed 23 scenario in the pub when the score sheet reveals they have in fact fired 750 rounds and only hit 2 people. Coupled with the realistic weapons is the fixed price, one fee no paintballs to buy and unlimited shots, we feel that laser tag is the paintball of the future, to play please ring us on 0845 459 3109 for your nearest site.

Ideal for experienced paintball players who want more realistic scenarios and are fed up with the inaccuracy of paintballs, also for those of you who enjoy the paintball but not the bruises. because of this laser tag has a growing market with not only hen parties, but kids birthday parties, who can hire the equipment for a children's game.

PS Action Tag Ltd keep the highest scoring 10 players in the country on their web site, do you think you are good enough to be ranked????


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Download a postcard sized ad to stick up on your school / works notice board, to get interest in coming to play 

We are currently looking for additional laser tag sites in London, Scotland  midlands, the north east, and south east , plus additional European ones, If you think you would like to run one contact us

New sites wanted, Franchise available

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