We can come to you with the latest state of the art Laser tag System, if you run a school, youth club or for parties, we now have inflatable barricades which can be set up anywhere there is a large flat space, playing fields or large garden.
    Skills & development:-

Laser Tag can be used inside or outside and is quick and easy to set up! The gaming sessions encourages children to work together, promote a leader and plan a strategy to win!

It encourages excellent team building skills, discussion and communication. They learn how to co-operate and support each other in order to achieve their goal!

It’s a quickly learnt skill offering further development with hand & eye co-ordination as they have to focus and react quickly.

It puts them in engaging situations within the game to which they have to adapt quickly, assess and decide how to move forward and win! It’s fast paced and gets them exercising with out them even know it!

…..and after they’ve quickly learnt how to do all of the above, they of course have Fun!

    School Interaction:-

Laser Tag can assist schools in many different ways, from being part of ‘Reward Schemes’, ‘After School Activities’ to being part of school ‘Sports & Fun Days’. However you would like to introduce Laser Tag within the school we can work to assist you.

Coupled with the realistic weapons is the fixed price, one fee no paintballs to buy and unlimited shots, we feel LASER TAG is the paintball of the future.

Price per session £15 per person per session 1 Hour

Price per session £25 per person per session 2 Hours


Download a postcard sized ad to stick up on your school / works notice board, to get interest in coming to play

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