Welcome to our Laser Tag Arena in Gloucester 


 Battle Hill Ultimate Laser Tag 

The most modern wireless equipment on the market today.

You come to us Woodland based games 

Laser Tag, this can best be described as Paint ball without the bruises, the laser tag equipment we use is manufactured by Action Tag Ltd which is a state of the art wireless system used by the military in training scenarios.

This laser tag system has a greater range and accuracy than paint ball allowing for more realistic scenarios and with a computer printout of who you have "Eliminated" at the end of the day, If you play call of duty or similar game on a computer, why not come along and try the real thing, where you can interact with other players, run around and get excise instead of vegetating in front of a computer screen. See how accurate your aiming is when you are being shot at and running around, suitable for all ages 8-80 and both sexes the only truly activity that virtually anyone can play.

Respawn feature just like the computers games, if you are eliminated you can start the level all over again, until you get it right Come and play "call of duty" in real life instead of on a computer


Coupled with the realistic weapons is the fixed price, one fee no paint-balls to buy and unlimited shots, we feel LASER TAG is the game of the future. 

Ideal for experienced paint-ball players who want more realistic scenarios and are fed up with the inaccuracy of paint-balls, also for those of you who enjoy the paint-ball but not the bruises.

This experience is suitable for both adults such as

corporate days out,  stag parties, hen parties, hag parties, team building days 

and also for children, such as 

birthday parties, school trips, 

  Battle Hill Laser Tag Open for Bookings

 Why not come along and try this phenomenal equipment for yourself 

for as little as £15 pp

One Hour £15 pp 

One and a half Hours £20 pp 

Two Hours £25 pp 

Adult Groups, we can tailor this to your needs, whether it be Stag or Hen party, Hag Party,  Corporate day out, Team Building

Ring 01452 501438 to reserve your place or ask any questions

One of the most popular events we do is Kids Birthday Parties 

Ring 01452 501438  for more info

Blackpool Laser Tag

 Download a postcard sized ad to stick up on your school / works notice board, to get interest in coming to play