Action Tag Warfare Sample Scenarios

1.     Laser Tag version of Capture the Flag.

Using Action Tags patented Target / Ammo box, place one in each of the opposing teams command bunker, the object of the game is to fight your way to the opposing team’s bunker, and shoot the target, which will finish the game. The target will light up with the winning guns number and emit a piercing shriek from the speakers to notify everyone the game is over. However remember the other team is trying to do the same to your target, so you need to split your team into both attacking and defending members.

The target has multi functions, you can aim at your own target and it will not finish the game, it will merely light up with the number of the gun that has hit it, which enables you to not only test your gun but your accuracy. Another function is if midway during the game you are running out of ammo, if you can fight your way back to your own base you can press the button on the target and it will reload your gun with a fresh clip also this button has the function to “re-spawn” you, meaning if you are killed in the game, dependant on the parameter’s set up in the marshals’ box, it can give you another life and put you back into the game

2.     Hunt the Sniper

Set up the sniper guns with a smaller amount of ammo and a greater amount of lives.

Set up the rest of the players with more ammo and 1 life each

The object of the game is to send a maximum of 2 snipers out to hide; giving them about 5 minutes head start, whilst everyone else has a cup of tea.

The snipers dig in and conceal themselves, bearing in mind they only have 3 shots per opposing team member, meaning they only have enough ammo to miss twice per person. But have they had 4 lives.

The rest of the players have only one life each, but hundreds of rounds. As each player is eliminated the game gets tenser, as the snipers have to kill the opposing team members, without giving their position away. Whilst the attacking players have enough ammo to hose every bush, tree or any concealment with hundreds of rounds, but trying not to get hit even once in the process, as they are then out of the game.

The game is over when there is only one team left, either snipers, or attackers.

These games are pre-programmed into the Marshals box for quick easy set up, and each game would be played twice in a session, for example, at the end of each game you swap sides, and play in the opposite direction to keep things fair.

These are only a few of the numerous scenarios that can be played using this system, as each gun can be programmed, with,

·         Various amount of lives

·         Various amount of health

·         Various amount of ammo

·         Various time settings

So the scenarios are as numerous as your imagination, and can be tailored to suit, your number of players, time paid for, surroundings, and customer preferences.

3.     Last Man Standing

Each team has their guns set with 50 rounds, but only 2 lives, the game is over when the last man standing in the opposing team is killed. You can use the target ammo boxes, to get more ammo, but not to finish the game; every player in the opposing team must be eliminated. If you get to far from the ammo box you could run out of rounds, but if you stay close, you might not find the opposing team, so tactics are important

4.     Escort the VIP

Each team nominates one member of their team in secret to be the VIP, the only people who know who it is, are your own team and the marshal. The game is played similar to capture the flag, and ends in two ways; one is if you hit the opposing team’s target / ammo box. The other is to kill their VIP, the problem is you do not know, who their VIP is and they do not Know who yours is, so not only do you have to defend your target box, you have to defend your VIP, whilst trying to hit their target box, and also kill their VIP. The VIP has 4 lives whilst everyone else has 2, if the marshal sees the VIP killed the game is over, if you hit the opposing Target the game is over. You start with 150 rounds, but again can get more by pressing the button on the Target / ammo box you are defending.

 5. Traitor

Played the same as capture the flag, but with the added twist, that there is one member of the opposing team mixed in with their team, we change one gun in each side to play for the opposing team and tell no one except the traitor themselves. Now not only are they worried about being shot in the front, they have to worry about being shot in the back by the traitor. Each member of the team now looks at everyone in a different light, and frequently we have whole teams wiping each other out convinced they are shorting the traitor, when in fact they are shooting a team member, find out who your real friends are!!!

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Action Tag Warfare