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If you wish to buy or lease a set of Laser Tag Guns  then you need to go to our sister company Action Tag Limited which is a manufacturer of the worlds most advanced system, which every venue on this site uses. Use this link to go to the equipment page

Action Tag Limited does not hire out or play games and is purely a manufacturer, for anyone wanting to purchase or rent  the best Laser Tag System in in the world.

If however you are looking to play with and not buy the equipment then you need to go to the 

where to play page  

on this site.

As you can see from the pictures, the equipment is all manufactured to the highest standard, and has the most advanced software available, also it was the first system to be wireless which most of the competitors are still trying to copy 

Action Tag system is the world’s most advanced laser tag system, currently available on the market today, it has numerous features which many other manufacturers have not copied yet.

Some of our innovative features include:

·         Wireless Technology

·         Computerised Charging System

·         Printouts of each game

·         Software editing and update port

·         Muzzle flash

·         Friendly fire feature

·         Marshalls control box

·         Live interactive feedback

·         Traffic light LED system, for info

·         Targets / reloading stations

.          The world's first live feedback system you can feel, a vibrating armband

.      A update port on all the equipment so you eliminate to continually buy new guns just update these ones via the internet         ive system

If you have any questions, or would like a demo of the equipment

Please ring Ron on 0345 459 3109

Ask about our unique leasing option, this is a low cost set up, the perfect way to get up and running, along with a lifetime warranty, and peace of mind.

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