Blackpool New indoor Laser Tag Site

June 26, 2013
From The 6th July a new Laser Tag Arena is available in Blackpool on the prom

As from the 6th July Action Tag Warfare is moving to Sanuuk night club, where we have the use of a whole floor approx. 10,000 sq ft, in this we have a 20,000 watt speaker system playing battle noises, helicopters, jets, explosions etc, the sound system is linked to strobe lighting, so you will hear helicopters flying around the arena, followed by a Sam missile and explosion linked to strobe lighting, for total realism.

Couple this to the worlds most advanced laser tag system and you have literally the best gaming experience possible, all our equipment is totally wireless with no dangly cables from gun to hat or vest, no bulky vests to wear, just pick up your G19 rifle or G17 pistol, and get stuck into the action.

Unlike paint ball there are no bruises or pain, so is suitable for all ages, male or female. A great hit with kids’ birthday parties, stag on hens parties, but beware guys the girls are often better shots and win.

Dare you enter the warzone????


Two new venues opening in September

August 24, 2012
Action Tag Warfare, has two new venues opening in September, one in Insch in the north of Scotland close to Aberdeen, and one in Corby close to Northampton.
The site in Insch as well as using the latest Action Tag Equipment, will be a multi activity site, having Hovercraft, off road buggies, archery and lots more for you to play with, the laser tag, is going to be unique in as much as they are building a complete army camp there with approx 30 portacabins, and are having a parade ground, floo...
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The Netherlands now has Action Tag Equipment

April 26, 2012
Action Tag Warfare has now moved into the Netherlands with a site at Zwijndrecht This venue has a hostel on the grounds and various other activities, now having upgraded its current equipment to Action Tag's world beating laser tag system its the place to be.  So if you facy a quick trip across the channel with a place to stay and play laser tag this is the venue at Hattrick Outdoor
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Action Tag Warfare comes to Newcastle

April 26, 2012
Action Tag Warfare are now setting up a new site in Newcastle area due to open in June, this as all of our other sites will have the most modern equipment in the world and as always totally wireless, no dangly cables here!!
This site will not only be a staic one but also a mobile one intending to cover the whole of Northumberland, so there is no longer any excuse not to use the best Laser Tag equipment on the market in the North East
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Action Tag Ltd new website

April 11, 2012
Action Tag Ltd who provide the laser tag equipment for Action Tag Warfare has recently launched a new website, where you can see the new groundbreaking equipment they provide for laser tag games.
On it you can see videos, pictures, and write ups of the latest state of the art wireless laser tag equipment in the world.
You will find info on upgrading your current equipment or starting up from scratch check it out at
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Action Tag Warfare on Ice

February 22, 2012

Recently Action Tag Warfare went mobile and set up a laser tag game in Sheffield Ice Arena, the laser tag was played on the ice with skaters having a mock battle on the ice, apart from sound effects coming out of the arena speakers, to give it more atmospere, we then turned the lights out, so some games were played in the light and and some in the dark.

A great time was had by all.

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Youth Group in Wesham

October 18, 2011
On Sunday the 16th of October Action Tag Warfare held a free open day for children to come and try laser tag completely free of charge.
This open day was a promotional event designed to make the parents aware of a new weekly club held in their area for children aged between 7 and 17, there was two different classes that would be held on a weekly basis juniors 7-11 year olds, and seniors 11 to 17 year olds. each class would do 7.5 hours total a month, 1 hour a week in a evening then a half day ...

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New Laser Tag Venue in Milton Keynes

September 5, 2011

Action Tag Warfare is pleased to announce the latest site to come onboard which is using the state of the art laser tag equipment manufactured by action tag ltd.

This site is situated in Milton Keynes and is primarily a survival site which has added to laser tag to its list of activities, and is doing so is also moving into the adult market,  for corporate entertainment, team building, and stag and hen parties.

Survival Masters was designed for 8-15 year olds to experience a wealth ...

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Laser Tag Teams and Tournaments

August 22, 2011

Laser Tag Teams and Tournaments

At Action Tag Warfare we are keen to be contacted by individuals who are interested in either
forming or joining a Laser Tag Team.

We are intending to both increase the number of sites we have throughout both the UK
and Europe and are looking at setting up both domestic and international tournaments
similar to the paintball and airsoft ones that are run.

As a team you will meet on a regular basis to train and play at your local site, but every so
often w...

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New Face Book Group Page

August 9, 2011
Action Tag Warfare has opened a new facebook group page which can be seen here if you wish to join in this group please feel free, it has interaction from people who have played, want to play, or are just interested in this

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