Action Tag Warfare was set up as a commercial venture for hiring out the equipment manufactured by Action Tag the world leading laser tag manufacturers .

This equipment is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and is on hire at various sites around the world including Cyprus, Turkey, Latvia and the United Kingdom

We have found there is also a tremendous market for this with youth groups, schools, kids birthday parties, corporate team building days etc

The equipment used

Our Action Tag system is the world’s most advanced laser tag system, currently available on the market today, it has numerous features which many other manufacturers have not copied yet.

Some of our innovative features include:

·         Wireless Technology

·         Computerised Charging System

·         Printouts of each game

·         Software editing and update port

·         Muzzle flash

·         Friendly fire feature

·         Marshalls remote controls

·         Live interactive feedback

·         Facebook integration for scoresheets

·         Targets / reloading stations

·         Fully configurable weapons

·         interactive system

·         Land Mines

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